there’s so many parents who don’t recognize that they are abusing their kids 

it is critical that children become aware of abuse from adults and that they recognize what abuse can look like, and that’s why I very strongly believe that schools need to start talking about parental abuse

otherwise, you get people like me who didn’t realize it was abuse until they’re 16-17 and already have PTSD

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» It takes less than 30 seconds and less than 10 clicks to do all 4 links…PLEASE help dogs and cats in shelters!!



1 - gives kibble to dogs in shelters with a single click

2 - gives 10 pieces of kibble to dogs in shelters, whether you get the question right or not

3 - gives 10 pieces of kibble to cats in shelters, whether you get the question right or not

4 - gives cat litter to cats in shelters with a single click

I’m not saying anybody HAS to do this, but it IS quick and easy. :) 

This is very simple and easy. If you care about the well-being of animals, it wouldn’t hurt to take part in this.

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The only thing so far that I dislike about this light novel series is how they made Solomon feel guilty for killing a nazi. Okay, he was your Chevailer brother, but at the end of the day, he and his superiors took over your country in which you and your other Chevalier brother were part of the Allied Forces that tried to stop this. But more important than anything else, he was still a nazi and nothing will ever excuse that. Nothing.

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Just got my Blood+ character setting “book” from Takamura Store. The reason why I’m using the term “book” loosely is because, unfortunately the pages are not from the original binded book and are instead loose photocopies that must be stapled. Slight disappointment aside,…

Thank you for the input. I had no idea about this. Initially, I remember the site showcasing the actual book accompanied by a Youtube video, but recently that was no longer the case so I assumed they ran out of the books. Glad I was wrong. :)

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